Hi there! I'm Rivki, but my friends sometimes call me Ikki (e'ki). I'm a Frontend Engineer who loves simple, easy-to-use products with great performance. I believe that's the key to creating awesome products. I've previously worked at the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in Indonesia, Bukalapak and Blibli. Currently, I'm working at GovTech Edu 🇮🇩 helping the Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia. My goal is to build products that have a big impact on education in Indonesia.

I'm a web technology enthusiast with a passion for building great products. I've been a Frontend Engineer for several years and have worked with a variety of technologies, including Javascript, React, React Native, and VueJS. I'm always thinking about how to improve the developer experience and create products that are simple, easy-to-use, and optimized for performance. If you want to know more about me, just say "Hi!" and let's chat.