A collection of my favorite projects

This page showcases a selection of my latest and greatest projects. From simple DIYs to complex creations, you'll find a little bit of everything here. Come on in and take a look around!


Merdeka Mengajar

Developed the Guru Merdeka Mengajar platform from scratch using Next.js. Designed a scalable and maintainable architecture and implemented an offline- first approach, ensuring maximum accessibility and inclusivity for all users. Configured CI/CD pipelines for seamless deployment to staging and production environments, increasing efficiency and reducing development time.


Rapor Pendidikan Platform

Led the development of the Rapor Pendidikan platform from scratch, integrating it with the Superset API. Architected the system and implemented CI/CD configurations for seamless deployment to staging and production environments. Prioritized performance and SEO by implementing SSR capabilities, resulting in lightning-fast page load times and improved search rankings.


Seragam UI Design System

Developed a comprehensive component library and design token system for the Seragam Design System, providing a consistent and efficient workflow for designers and developers alike. Focused on enhancing Developer Experience by creating an accessible and keyboard-friendly library. Implemented theming and SSR capabilities, resulting in a flexible and performant system that can easily adapt to changing needs.


Backstage Open Source

Assisted the Spotify Backstage team in the creation of their frontend platform during phase 1. Implemented Storybook to support efficient development and testing of UI components, and added GitHub Actions (CI) to enable automatic deployment to gh-pages only when changes are detected in the codebase.


Supabase Open Source

Created a component library for Supabase, a Singaporean startup providing an alternative to Firebase. Designed the architecture of the library using React and TailwindCSS, with rollup used as the build tool. Utilized treeshaking to optimize performance and reduce build size, resulting in a highly performant and modular codebase.


Seller Center Bukalapak

Developed Bukalapak's Seller Center from scratch using Nuxt.js, implementing an architecture designed for scalability and maintainability. Established coding standards and best practices, and added i18n support to make the site accessible to international users. Configured CI/CD pipelines for efficient deployment, resulting in widespread adoption across multiple squads and contributing to the growth of the Bukalapak marketplace.